The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail

At first I thought, "Brilliant... A watch made of wood – What a creative way to destroy the environment."

For the first few weeks of discovering Jord Wood watches, I tried [obviously not hard enough] my best to avoid splurging on such a thing. Honestly, it's the social media marketing that gets me every time, but I somewhat began to grow a soft spot for the idea of owning a piece. Don't judge me lol. I had my eye on the Frankie - Zebrawood & Navy. The Swiss Movement face is honestly what sold it to me... and in that navy too! 

Listen... I've been a designer for quite some time now and product packaging has always been at a high standard. THIS product packaging has by far blown everything I've ever experienced right out of the water... totally knocked my socks off.

The magnetic lid, the embossed logos, the die-cuts, the woven pillow, the fact that the box the watch was delivered in has a mini drawer with a humidity control bag... is just... wow. The craftsmanship is on another level.

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I took my watch for a stroll at Gordon's Bay! I literally wear this watch everyday... Probably shouldn't of taken it to the beach though, haha!

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.