Pt 1: Acid Berries

It's been a hot minute since I've accommodated time to illustrate again.

My illustrative style is religiously influenced by Brian Donnelly, who is currently best known as KAWS, a New York-based artist and designer. The simplicity of his work; a style that required no brush strokes, clean and unobtrusive blocks of colour, was exactly what caught my eye in early 2010.


On my first day of studying illustration, I accidentally opened the Adobe InDesign program instead of Adobe Illustrator. By the end of the year someone finally pointed out that I was drawing in the wrong program.

The pen tool and a broad palette of acidic colours is all I need to achieve my style. For those who don't follow design trends; think of Adobe InDesign as Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Illustrator as Microsoft paint... I was drawing things in Microsoft PowerPoint, when I could've (easily) drawn it in Microsoft Paint. 

For the illustrators who don't understand how it's possible to draw in InDesign. Peep the video above. Anything is possible baby.

For the illustrators who don't understand how it's possible to draw in InDesign. Peep the video above. Anything is possible baby.


How did this illustrative series come to be?
The majority of my 'creating time', is spent visually building products or campaigns that psychologically influence audiences to feel a certain way, so that they take action towards a subtle call. With illustrations it's much more abstract – I can illustrate riddles and expect no call to action. That play on perception drove me here. I get a thrill when I observe people attempt to break into the mad-man mind of mine, to somewhat understand my pieces. It's addictive, much like a drug. I created this series to release my abstract mind and challenge those who come across it. Collaborating with photographers that specifically specialise in tasteful nude photography is the theme I'm going for. I like to keep things consistent.

Why did you name this illustrative series, Acid Berries?
It's a drug reference. I'm not going to beat around the bush. I like to believe that creative people need to go creative places in order to truly be inspired... "loose your mind, to find your mind" kinda' vibe. Being creative is a drug to me. Something that needs to be digested in small proportions. There’s just something within ‘creating’ that excites me. I find it so therapeutic — If you ever catch yourself getting lost in the Zen of what ever it is you do… Acknowledge it, breathe it and embrace it. 

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Photography: Brix Punzalan
Model: Jade Amber
Illustration: Marinella Pulitano