Smooth Crew Apparel Rebrand

I've worked closely with the boys behind Smooth Crew for almost 2 years now. Funnily enough, I first met the team in late 2014 to shoot for their summer apparel look book when they flew up from Melbourne [to Sydney]. Fast forward until today, they've hit me up to assist in the reshaping of their Smooth Crew brand with the slightest modern touch.

Rebranding in the corporate world can be a bit of a shit storm – On the other hand, the fashion world is much more forgiving. In order to stay relevant, it's almost a must with every season. 

Smooth crew is essentially an urban clothing line, heavily focused on street wear. Inclusive of hoodies, sweaters, tee's, singlets, snapback caps and accessories. They not only represent hard, they represent big too with a star studded line up of Ambassadors, Smooth Crew has had import models Jeri Lee, Trinity Dang, Jen Q and Janis True in their threads.

Below are some of the logos made during the creative process, enjoy: