Don't Waste My Time

Kenneth Monares, I am writing this message to you as I wait 3 hours deep, for you to hopelessly appear to our second failed meeting. Apparently, you want to interview me for your latest business venture? Well here it fucking is:

There are some people in life that make it very hard for me to feel bad for, and I wish I could give them the time of day to hear their excuses, but there is a point in life where I need to understand who is disrespecting who.

To unnecessarily put myself through other people's problems is the most disrespectful and counterproductive thing I could do for myself, and I refuse to hear it once the line has been crossed.

I get it… everybody these days wants to be an entrepreneur or a digital nomad, but only 1% (I’m pulling these stats out of my ass) can actually pull it off. Listen to my words carefully; The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.

Honesty, communication, confidence, commitment, positive attitude, inspiration, intuition… These are some of the qualities that make a great leader – You sir, possess none of them.

In fact, new businesses in Australia fail within the first year of opening, one of the reasons is due to poor or lack of strategy – Maybe this is where you can get started. I truly hope you prove me wrong, but I know there is a 90% chance you won’t, and that’s a damn shame.

For the innocent bystanders reading this post, I am also a very big Gary Vee fan, so here's a quote I thoroughly enjoyed:

"Who you hang out with is a huge deal. Cut your loserest, loser friend and go find a winner friend."

– Gary Vee

Now, I am going to continuing working on thriving MY business here in this lovely dog park, on my laptop, where we were scheduled to film this interview. Oh, and good luck hiring new team members, it’s a shame they all left you. I wonder why.