Packaging & Labels


La Petite Fleur

La Petite Fleur is a Sydney based florist changing the way of how flowers are normally given! I worked closely with the brand to create a luxurious identity that compliments the aesthetics of their products.

Piccolo Pasta

Piccolo Pasta is a gourmet, artisan pasta brand. I designed the overall identity of the packaging and had a lot of fun working around the clear plastic die-cut's through out the piece.

Switchcom Electrical

Switchcom Electrical is a Sydney based electrician business who caters to projects of any size! I helped transition the brand from start-up phase to a
professional, respectable & commercial identity. 

Piquant Spices

Piquant is targeted towards a family friendly audience and has a huge range of spices that I had to design for. Each spice has it's own illustrative character and story.

Sensation Festival

Sensation is an international dance festival. I designed the exclusive VIP invitation for the prelaunch event. The client wanted a luxurious experience that would impress their VIP guests.

B*stard Childs

B*stard Childs is a music band based in New Jersey, United States. Their music consists of explicit lyrics & themes based off their warped reality and perspective on society and cultures.