Website & App Design



Dopekicks is an online sneaker reseller platform. I revamped their website with a monochromatic and minimal theme. I wanted their products to do the talking & to make it less about the interface design.

Elissa Palazzolo

Elissa Palazzolo is a high-end fashion stylist based in Sydney. I designed a minimal, clean & responsive website which complimented the simplicity of her monogram logo which I also developed for her.

La Petite Fleur

La Petite Fleur is a Sydney based florist changing the way of how flowers are normally given! I worked closely with the brand to create a luxurious identity that compliments the aesthetics of their products.

Hey You App v4.4

There were 2 problems I solved in this app update: The encouragement of lunch order and improved discoverability. I also updated the overall interface to keep it fresh & up to date with todays trends.


Zambesi is a desktop website; a platform where you can browse and book classes from the best mentors in the industry – I assisted in the user interface tweaks for their launch.

Hey You App v3.0

Hey You is a mobile app that helps users order, pay and skip queues at busy cafés & restaurants. I transitioned the brand from Beat the Q to Hey You. Read more about the journey in my blog.

My Pet Stay

My Pet Stay was a platform created for pet owners to arrange animal lovers to take care of their fluffy loved ones while they travel. I designed the first version of the whole website.

Compounding Pharmacy

Michael's Compounding is a Sydney based Pharmacy with a family orientated atmosphere! I redesigned their brand with a modern twist and embedded it in all aspects of their brand identity.